DEBO adhere to the purpose of sustainable development to manufacture and market our products. We are committed to enhance the effectiveness of trial resources, so as to achieve the long-term objective of protecting the Earth's environment, sustainable use of resources. DEBO regards the sustainable development as a business virtue and value, and strictly adhered to either now or in the future.

As the international community has become increasingly concerned about the sustainability of development, DEBO would insist on a strategic priority of providing a full range of environmental protection decoration material for architects, designers and consumers. Our continued commitment to the development of new products, create a healthier environment.

We have adopted the following measures to promote sustainable development:

· Adhere to start from the source of production, the main raw materials are renewable resources (economic forest or rainforest wood, rather than the original), so as to enhance the effectiveness of resource use, to protect the environment and the goals of sustainable development.

· Ensure that our products and services in the customer buildings and infrastructure to achieve better environmental efficiency.

· Eliminate or reduce the waste from products, service and work areas as far as possible.

· Explore and implement suitable energy efficient and economical solutions for our business.