Product Description

DEBO High Pressure Compact Laminate is a solid and durable decorative building material.

It is consist of layers of specially treated papers impregnated with synthetic resin and pressed under heat and high temperature. The surface layer is decorative paper impregnated with melamine-based resins. The core layer is made up of layers of quality kraft papers impregnated with phenolic-based resins.

DEBO Phenolic Compact Laminate is an extremely versatile material with excellent mechanical properties.  It is ideal for use in areas subject to intensive use, and applications as vertical and horizontal surfaces where design, hygiene and durability are highly demanded.

DEBO Phenolic Compact Laminate is available in a variety of colors, finishes and patterns for the decor layer. It has also a comprehensive range of sheet sizes and thicknesses for different applications. Specific applications may include partitions, cubicles, lockers, industrial worktops, furnitures and etc.

DEBO Phenolic Compact Laminate is recommended for interior use only. However, DEBO Exterior Panels for outdoor use are also available and produced in some specific colors. Please enquire our sales team for more information.

Strong resistance to scratch & impact
Self supporting & Long term stability
No toxic & totally hygienic
Resistant to moisture & steam
Resistant to heat & cigarette burns

Multipurpose DEBO Compact Laminate has a wide field of applications:
Toilet and Shower Partitioning System
Lockers System
Laboratory Funiture
Vanity Top
Interior Door
Interior Wall Panelling
Office Furniture
School Furniture
Industrial Worktop